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At Emergency Flood Team Thousand Oaks, our mission is simple: to treat our customers with respect and provide the best cleaning services possible. While this mission may be simple, it dictates every aspect of how we run our business. After nearly 2 decades of offering carpet cleaning in Thousand Oaks, we are happy to say that we’ve been able to live up to our mission and keep customers 100% satisfied.

What We Do
In a nutshell, cleaning is what we do. We do it every single day and, because we offer 24/7 emergency carpet cleaning services, sometimes we even do it at night too. We’d love to share our exact methods of how we manage to get out tough stains and make carpets look like new again. But, the truth is that we can’t share our methods because they aren’t set in stone. Some cases are straight-forward and we can revive a dull-looking carpet with methods like deep extraction cleaning. Other cases are more complex though and we’ve got to use our years of expertise to make sure we are using the best method. We might use a special pre-treatment to get out an old stain, use dry carpet cleaning to keep delicate fibers from deteriorating, or use special solutions to prevent dyes from fading. No matter whether your job is big or small, you can expect us to get it done right – we guarantee it!

Our Promise
At Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks, we promise that you will be satisfied with our cleaning services. We also promise that you will have a positive experience. Our team ensures this by striving for excellence in all aspects. You will be treated with courtesy, appointments will be scheduled based on your availability (we are available evenings and weekends!), and our experts will arrive on time. It is these promises which have made Citrus Fresh a leading carpet cleaning business in Thousand Oaks since 1994.

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