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Marble Floors

Your marble floor is one of your home’s greatest assets and adds beauty and warmth to your home. Yet, everyday wear can remove the luster from the marble and make your stone floor look dull, dirty, and uninviting. Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks is one of Southern California’s leading providers of stone floor cleaning services. We have restored thousands of square feet of natural stone, delighting customers with the quality of our work.

Our Natural Stone Cleaning Services Include:

  • Marble, Travertine, limestone, terrazzo, granite, and other types of natural stone
  • Floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops, and fireplaces
  • Natural stone restoration
  • Stain removal
  • Grout cleaning
  • Natural stone sealing

Tips for Keeping Your Marble Floor Looking Great
To keep your marble floor in good condition, it is important that you clean it regularly. However, marble floors require special care. If not cleaned properly, they can become permanently damaged.

Never use an all-purpose floor cleaner on natural stone as the oils can saturate the porous stone and attract dirt. You should never use any product which contains bleach, lemon, vinegar, or other acids. These acids can destroy the integrity of your floor and cause discoloration. Also, never use abrasive scouring creams on marble floors as they cause scratching.

A big mistake that many homeowners make with their marble or stone floors is buying generic “stone floor sealer” from the store. These might not be suited for your specific type of natural stone and can leave behind a sticky residue which attracts and traps dirt deep into the stone pores.

How We Restore Your Stone Floor

Our professional marble and stone floor technicians will arrive at your home with an entire arsenal of cleaning products and truck-mounted machines specially designed for cleaning natural stone. After assessing your floor, they will choose the best pH neutral cleaning solution. Using the extraction and polishing machines, we are able to get dirt out from deep within the stone and restore its natural finish.

We always take care to clean every square inch of your natural stone, even if it means getting on our hands and knees to polish hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It is this attention to detail which has led us to become one of the leading marble floor cleaning companies in the Los Angeles area.

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