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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

For over 19 years, Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks has been the place to turn to for cleaning tough carpet stains. One of the toughest carpet stains for homeowners to get out are pet stains, including pet urine, feces, and vomit. Because these pet stains are so acidic, they usually don’t respond to typical household cleaners. The acids in pet stains also interact with the dyes in your carpet and cause them to discolor and can cause carpet fibers to deteriorate.

Pet Urine Cleanup
Pet urine, like all mammal urine, is made up of three parts: urea, urochrome, and uric acid. If you do a really good job of blotting and scrubbing, you can get the urea and urochrome out of a urine stain. However, the uric acid is a lot trickier. It can’t be broken down by regular cleaning products. In fact, some of these products may actually set the stain. The only way to get uric acid out of carpet or other fibers is to use a special enzyme cleaner which breaks down the acids so they can be extracted.

Because cats usually have a diet which is higher in protein than dogs, their urine will have more uric acid. It will smell worse and cause staining faster. Depending on the stain in question, there may be other chemicals present as well. For example, male cats may spray to mark their territory. This spray contains testosterone hormones which are particularly pungent. The Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks carpet cleaning team will always use enzyme cleaners which are formulated to deal with the stain at hand.

Unfortunately, uric acid is highly reactive and can quickly stain a carpet. If the pet stain is treated within a few hours or days, it can often be removed before it causes permanent damage. If the stain has had time to react with the carpet fibers, the carpet discoloration may be irreversible. In these cases, our expert team at Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks will help you figure out a solution. You probably don’t have to replace your carpet. You may be able to dye it or fill it in with a swatch.

Pet Vomit Cleanup
Pet vomit is particularly damaging because it contains hydrochloric acids, which are highly reactive digestive acids. Vomit can also contain bile acids. These acids can cause almost-immediate damage to carpet and upholstery fibers, causing colors to change and fade. To prevent damage, it is crucial that pet vomit is thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible. The first step is to scrape up as much of the vomit as you can. Then apply a clean, white towel to the area to absorb as much of the acids as possible. Next, you will want to call for professional pet stain cleanup services. At Citrus Fresh, our first step will be to apply a treatment which increases the pH of the carpet to prevent the acids from causing further damage. Enzyme cleaners will then be applied to destroy the acids so we can remove them with deep extraction methods.

How We Get Rid of Pet Stains
Regardless of what type of pet stain you have, we here at Citrus Fresh Thousand Oaks carpet cleaning are prepared for it (we can clean up toddler accidents too). We use a sure-fire process which is guaranteed to remedy your pet stain and odor problem.

Step One: Locate All Pet Stains
We start by using our eyes and noises to locate pet stains around the house. Because pet stains aren’t always visible or noticeably odorous, we also use UV lights to scan the entire area. Under the UV lights, the acids in pet stains will become highly fluorescent.

Step Two: Assess the Damage
If you can see a pet stain on the surface of your carpet, there is a good chance that the pet stain is actually worse than it looks. As pet urine soaks into the carpet, it will spread out. The area of the stain is often 2 or 3 times larger than it appears on the surface. Our Thousand Island carpet cleaning experts will also assess whether the pet stain has penetrated into the carpet padding. We may need to remove the carpet to access the padding (of course we put it back in place for you!).

Step Three: Pretreatment and Enzyme Treatment
Before pet stains can be removed, they must be treated to neutralize their acids. Next, an enzyme cleaner will be applied to the stains. These enzymes cleaners are the only way of really getting rid of the acid crystals found in stains. No, we don’t rely on some all-purpose enzyme cleaner for all stains. We pick the right enzyme cleaner based on your carpet type and stain type.

Step Four: Stain Extraction
Once the enzyme cleaner has had time to work, our carpet cleaning technicians will use a deep extraction device to suck out the pet stain. This method ensures that all of the pet stain is removed, not just what you can see on the surface. All bacteria, germs, and odors will be completely gone.

Special Steps
In cases of heavy contamination, our technicians will remove the carpet so they can get at the padding beneath it. The contaminated padding area is removed. The floor underneath will then be cleaned. The carpet will be cleaned separately before it is put back down on the new padding. The carpet will need to completely dry before furniture is replaced on wet spots.

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